Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

2020 was not an easy year for any of us, and right now, with no ball season to celebrate, the Hofburg Vienna feels extremely unusual. But despite everything, a great deal has happened at our venue over the past twelve months. After all, extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.


Ever efficient, the Hofburg Vienna was among the first locations to successfully host – small but perfectly staged – Covid-compliant events. And even once an effective vaccination becomes widely available, we will still have to live with testing, contact tracing and social distancing for some time to come, to help keep infection rates under control. With that in mind, we are already hard at work preparing for the events planned for the second half of the year. Scheduled to take place in our state rooms, they will be in full accordance with government regulations and recommendations – and many will have a distinctly hybrid flavour. So as you can see, the Hofburg Vienna is well set for the future.


Let’s go digital! Rather than being seen as just an interim solution to help us through the pandemic, hybrid formats will continue to be a way to add an extra dimension to events going forward. We can’t wait to start working on projects with our customers and partners again soon. Here’s to a successful year in 2021!

Yours sincerely,
The Hofburg Vienna team

Alexandra Kaszay
Managing Director

© Hofburg Vienna, Foto N. Studeny


The "other normal"

Live and digital

Despite the pandemic, the venue successfully hosted a number of Covid-compliant events in line with the strictest personal safety standards in 2020. This paints a clear picture of what the “other normal” could look like for the meetings industry.


Looking ahead

Breaking with traditional structures

The Hofburg Vienna has responded swiftly to the changing situation right from the start of the pandemic, ensuring that it is always ready to adapt to shifting demand and new circumstances.


© Hofburg Vienna, Foto N. Studeny

© HOFBURG Vienna, Foto Habegger


Traditional and high tech

Where supply meets demand

Effective cooperation between digital planners, the team at the venue and organisers of live events is more important than ever in the current environment.