Mission Statement

The world is evolving, and we can play an active and dynamic role in shaping our environment only if we remain an organisatin open to continuous learning and training.

Our corporate principles are the underlying foundation upon which we realise our corporate goals. They serve us by guiding our thoughts and actions on a daily basis.

The Hofburg Vienna is Europe’s premiere venue as a conference and event centre.

We strive to achieve the highest quality and technological excellence: this effort is a fundamental part of our corporate philosophy.

The success of the Hofburg Vienna is founded on the satisfaction of our customers and the motivation of our employees.

Human resources/employees
The foundation of our success is the highly developed, sophisticated employee culture.

Corporate Identity
Our thoughts and actions, combined with the sophisticated design of the Hofburg Vienna, sustain the link that connects the historic and traditional with the contemporary and modern.

Our company thrives at all levels on the basis of clear and open communications.

Unique selling proposition (USP)/cultural historic preservation
The responsibility of managing a former imperial residence – with over seven centuries of history – as a multifunctional event centre demands a keen sensitivity to the connection between the past and the present.

In times of globalisation and international networking, we realise – with the utmost clarity – the importance of our duty to operate as an intercultural meeting point.

Cost Management
We can secure a successful future by delivering prudent cost management combined with a cooperative attitude grounded in the spirit of partnership.

The Hofburg Vienna provides the greatest possible safety and security, in a warm and inviting atmosphere and work environment, in all spaces used by our customers, visitors, partners and employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility
The Hofburg Vienna is keenly aware of its social, ecological and economic responsibilities: as a result, we take those actions and pursue those measures that ensure our sustained progress in each of these areas.