: Botschafterstiege

Flowers & Plants

The inherent beauty of each stateroom in this historic property achieves its full bloom upon the arrival of the magnificent and exquisitely creative floral and plant arrangements by our recommended partners.
: Plantical
Plantical GmbH
decor @ events - Splendid decoration of green plants for your event!
blumenkultur: blumenkultur
professionalism, originality and individuality these three aspects are our priority of floral decorations. we offer a full service, from consultation of flowers to dismantling after the event.
: Doll's Blumen
Doll's Blumen
Turning your event into an unforgettable occasion of a lifetime: Now that is an art! And an art that we at Doll’s Blumen are proud to create, through a veritable ocean of floral bouquets, table decorations and arrangements.
Feststiege 2: Feststiege
Toifl Blumen
Flower decorations and hired plants from one source!