Service Partners

Let the experts from various sectors of the events industry assist you and advise you: use their professional experience to assemble your conventions, banquets, fairs and events.

Technology and media

Our partners in technology and media can meet the needs and requirements for events of any size. Their expertise covers the gamut of superior quality sound engineering, audio-visual systems, simultaneous interpreter technology, live broadcasting and multimedia productions.

Bernhard AV: © Bernhard AV
Bernhard AV GmbH
The first address for custom-tailored totals solutions in technology, Bernard AV is your professional partner in interpreting, sound, projection, light, stage and office technology.
: Habegger
Habegger GmbH
We offer full-service technical support for your event – and all from a single source, flexibly and with no complications! With our equipment and experienced technicians, we can ensure that your event is realised to your complete satisfaction.
: @ Concept Solutions GmbH
Concept Solutions GmbH
Are you up for innovative designed event solutions?
So are we!
We can envision your event with our proven experience and gusto to do it.
AV-Professional GmbH: © AV-Professional GmbH
AV-Professional GmbH
As a trusted partner of the Hofburg we are responsible for organizing events and conferences the attendees will never forget. We combine state-of-the-art equipment, competent and experienced staff and a passion for every project to guarantee excellent results – every time.

Electrical engineering

Our Service Partners welcome the opportunity to provide you professional consulting support for your event’s electrical engineering needs: connections, configuration and lighting.


Richard Lesonitzky GmbH - derLeso
At Richard Lesonitzky GmbH, we look forward to advising you on the safe and proper electrical engineering of the connections, configuration and lighting design for your event.  Just think of us as your “personal lighting concierge”!

Security & Hospitality

We put you in safe hands with our Service Partners, who have every angle covered when it comes to event security, surveillance, access control, room security and bodyguard services.

We understand the challenges of an event and the requirements of our clients. Since each event has its own special needs, we are more than happy to tailor our services to accommodate those needs.
Kurt Pfeiffer
At Kurt Pfeiffer, we know that by coordinating the “helping hands” at your event, we can ensure it runs seamlessly and successfully. Our highly skilled, competent and loyal employees are prepared to establish only the best impression in their capacity as your security staff.
Our enthusiastic staff will put a veritable smile on your event! For over ten years, we have supported the event industry with our team of hostesses who bring reliability and intelligence, and who are willing to go the extra mile for our clients.
: Johanniter
Die Johanniter
Our mission is in the service of life. We deliver the best possible medical care for unique events!

Flowers & plants

The inherent beauty of each stateroom in this historic property achieves its full bloom upon the arrival of the magnificent and exquisitely creative floral and plant arrangements by our recommended partners.

: Plantical
Plantical GmbH
decor @ events - Splendid decoration of green plants for your event!
blumenkultur: blumenkultur
professionalism, originality and individuality these three aspects are our priority of floral decorations. we offer a full service, from consultation of flowers to dismantling after the event.
: Doll's Blumen
Doll's Blumen
Turning your event into an unforgettable occasion of a lifetime: Now that is an art! And an art that we at Doll’s Blumen are proud to create, through a veritable ocean of floral bouquets, table decorations and arrangements.
: Toifl Blumen
Toifl Blumen
Flower decorations and hired plants from one source!

Foto & more

You are always welcome to photograph your own events for private purposes. Upon use of these images for commercial purposes, though, we must advise you that the photography studios listed below are the sole and exclusive authorised vendors who may conduct and sell photographic recordings (photographs, digital recordings, etc.) on our premises. This condition applies both to the exhibition of photography within the property and their sale or digital marketing elsewhere.

Foto Sulzer
You organise events – we supply the pictures! Foto Sulzer is your partner for industry, advertising, fashion, architecture, weddings, sports, schools and journalism.
: Pharmacieball
Foto Fayer
At Foto Fayer, we capture the most beautiful moments of your life! Our company provides everything involving analogue and digital photography services.