: DO & CO

Green Buffet

….Healthy and from Austrian cultivation…


Trout mousse wrapped in smoked salmon
Cucumber - tomato relish

Herbed chicken breast
Caesar dressing / black bread-croutons

Variation of spreads
Pumpkin / egg / liptauer

Vegetable patch
Baby carrots / radish / pumpernickel
Cream cheese with herbs

Grilled Goat Cheese
Caramelized beetroot / fresh horseradish

Salad bar
Potato-field salad / carrot-celeriac salad
Tomato salad / red onions / cucumber-cream salad / scarlet runner bean salad
Asparagus salad / radish salad / mixed green salads
Fresh cress / pumpkin seeds / crispy bacon / fresh chives / walnuts
Seed oil dressing / apple vinegar dressing / yogurt dressing / Caesar dressing / balsamic dressing

Selection of bread rolls, whole-grain bread & dark bread


Filet of pikeperch of lake Neusiedl
Parsley potatoes / leaf spinach-leek vegetables
Lime butter

Tenderloin of Styrian ox in herb crust
Potato puree / sautéed vegetables
Rosemary jus

Vegetarian wok
Mixed local vegetables
Ginger / oyster sauce /asian spices / Thai rice

Whole-grain rigatoni with fried zucchini
Creamy tomato-pecorino sauce


Apple tart
Almond parfait / vanilla sauce

Fresh strawberries
Vanilla crème fraîche


Fruit salad