: DO & CO

Business Lunch


Smoked char
Cucumber salad

Creamy Chicken salad

Thai style crispy pork salad
Leaf salad / crispy stripes of pork filet
Cocktail tomatoes / red pepper / scallions
Soya-chilli sauce “Original Thai style”

Spicy noodle salad

Greek salad
Sweet corn / feta cheese

Vegetable salad
Zucchini / aubergines / olives

Mixed green salads
Choice of two dressings

Variation of bread


Yellow chicken curry
Steamed rice

Medallions of pork filet
Pommes gratin / grilled vegetables
mushroom sauce

Tagliatelle with salmon
pasta with Norwegian salmon
Fresh basil

Mascarpone ravioli
Grilled Artichokes


Mousse au chocolat noir
Fresh strawberries

DO & CO’s red berry ragout
Vanilla crème fraîche

Apple strudel / whipped cream

Choux pastry doughnuts  

Curd cream
Fresh fruits