: DO & CO

Typical Austrian cuisine


Brown trout mousse

Beef carpaccio
Root vegetables / apple relish

Vulcano ham
Dried tomatoes / balsamic onions / olives

Fried chicken breast
Creamy potato-field salad

Austrian sheep cream cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes / chives / seed oil

Pumpkin seed bread / whole-grain bread / bread rolls


Filet of brook trout
Potato-celeriac puree / sautéed leaf spinach
Basil-capers butter

Rosé roasted strip loin
Creamy mushroom polenta / green beans with bacon
Pepper sauce

Creamy veal goulash
Home-made spätzle / sour cream

Viennese pasta with ham
Gratinated with cheese


Demel’s “Mohr im Hemd“
Chocolate sauce / whipped cream / vanilla ice cream

“Rigo Jancsi“
Sweet temptation from the days of the Austrian monarchy
Berry ragout

Choux pastry doughnuts  
Vanilla cream

Apple strudel
Whipped cream/ cinnamon

DO & CO‘s red fruit jelly
Vanilla crème fraîche