: DO & CO

4 Courses Menus


Mille-feuille of char & crayfish
Potato-truffle salad / water cress

Melange of parsley

Filet of Austrian Beef
Creamy polenta / string beans with bacon
Rosmary jus

Demel’s dessert variation
Chocolate soufflé / strawberry dumplings
Rigo Jancsi / poppy parfait


Crispy shrimps & smoked Atlantic salmon
Chilli-mayonnaise / truffle vinaigrette

Curry soup
Grilled scallops

Filet of Uruguay Beef & saddle of beef
Gingered carrots / Broccoli / potato puree
Topinambur artichoke foam

Baked chocolate mousse
Nougat parfait / marinated raspberries


Grilled scallops and prawns
Dried tomatoes / olive tapenade
Fresh single asparagus

Gazpacho „Andaluz“
Red pepper / white bread croutons

Saddle of lamb
Rosé roasted  
Polenta-crespelle / grilled vegetables
Thyme jus

Crispy peach rolls
Fresh fruits / berries / sorbet