Festsaal: Festsaal

Included services

The following services are already incorporated into the above sample prices. They are solely intended as GUIDELINE RATES (Price Rates 2022, excl. 20% VAT.).

Room rental
  • Power costs (lighting, HVAC)
  • Furniture – total (conference chairs, conference table, lecterns, stages, podia, room carpets, registrar’s desks, cloakroom desks, catering tables, cocktail tables, drop tables, buffet tables, lounge arrangements, etc.)
  • Standard equipment package (built-in sound systems, integrated stage lighting, two-way intercom system, lectern microphone)

Personnel expenses for
  • Furniture and furniture transport to all rooms
  • Installation and start-up of installed sound systems, stage lighting in plenary hall, in-house technician
  • Cleaning (before, during and after the event, excluding stand cleaning)

  • First aid (nurse) during operating hours
  • Cloak room personnel
  • In-house technician
  • In-house electrician
  • Sound technician for plenary room
  • Project management
  • WC cleaning
  • Supervisory services
  • Porter services