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Turning your event into an unforgettable occasion of a lifetime: Now that is an art!
“Flowers have the power to create mood, to animate a room and to reinvigorate a languishing spirit” – Tricia Guild
Guided by this spirit, we accentuate the imperial ambience of the Hofburg and create unique moods through our amazing floral decorations. From the simple to the refined, puristic or palatial, from the classic to the avant-garde: our creations are always one-of-a-kind.
At Doll’s Blumen, we not only provide extraordinary floristry – we apply extraordinary passion to each service. To us, this means delivering floral decorations that amaze – and thereby contribute significantly to the mood and to the success of an event.
Doll’s Blumen are synonymous with decades of experience in the event industry. As partner to the Hofburg for several years now, we are highly familiar with the unique conditions and features of the site and can implement your wishes promptly and flexibly. With our team of florists, we create bouquets, table decorations, stage and podium arrangements, room decor, and we also provide rental plants as needed. This way, we can help turn your occasion into an impressive event!

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Doll's Blumen
Mr Bernd Doll
Lange Gasse 62
1080 Wien
T +43 1 4059531
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If we tore a page out of our day-planner for one single, regular business day, then this would give you a clear snapshot of some of the ceremonies we decorate with the perfect array of flowers: a Catholic baptism, a Lutheran wedding, a bar mitzvah, a Buddhist ceremony, followed a week later by a Hindi ceremony…
Due to space limitations, we can present you with references from just two of the many industries and sectors we serve! For a complete list, please consult our homepage:

Telecommunications industry:
mobilkom, telekom, t-mobile, orange, 3, ONE

Banking/finance industry:
Raiffeisen NÖ-Wien, Raiffeisen OÖ, RZB, Erste Bank, Unicredit Group, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, BA/CA, Bank Austria, Volksbank, Österr. Kontrollbank, Constantia Privatbank, Credit Suisse, UBS, LGT, SAL.Oppenheim, BAWAG, HYPO