: Motto Catering


Fingerfood Cocktail

Motto organic bread with ham, watercress and horseradish
Tramezzini with chicken breast, spinach and curry
Tortilla wraps with roast beef, spinach and pesto
Motto organic bread with marinated salmon trout, parsley dip and Shisocress
Tortilla wrap with truffle ricotta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes
Motto organic bread with mozzarella, tomatoeconfit and basil
Tramezzini with ricotta, rocket and Roquefort

Warm Fingerfood

Viennese Schnitzelpralines
Sate Bali (beef skewers with spicy mango-dip)
Chicken-pumpkin-skewers with tomato salsa and basil
Waldviertler Bio Fish & Chips
Babypotato with sour cream and cress

Sweet Fingerfood

Cheesecake with currant
Mini lemon panna cotta with passion fruit salsa
Motto organic brioche with elderberry, cherry and hazelnut
Mini-curd pie with raspberry
Chocolate brownies with white chocolate
Mini tarte with passion fruit and meringue